Yes, This is my second journal entry.  for the past 11 weeks, I did not write anything. And it was part of my grand plan the whole time. 😉 Don’t be surprised, mistakes happen.

You might ask,  why did you come back, why today?

My answer is guilt. 🙁 Besides the guilt, my heart has been heavy for days I don’t know I feel sad. I want to be creative I want to speak freely but I’m not, even though I have all the resources. From now and in 3 hours I will be updating my whole life and the semester. 

On the bright side, My journal entries will be really creative. The journal entries will be from the present to the past, not like yours (hmph).

Let me tell you a funny story. 

We have to make a  persuasive presentation for my speech class. The professor was saying, “Every semester I get a presentation about procrastination but interestingly, Those presentations are always made by procrastinators.

You know what’s funny I was about to make a presentation about procrastination

Yeah yeah, laugh all you want, I’m laughing too.

Hope I made my non-existent audience Smile. 😀

I will be more formal for the next the entries.

If ya’ll have tips to defeat procrastination, Share it in the comments.

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